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Genetically the "Aby" is a black tabby cat modified by a gene that turns solid black hairs into hairs divided into at least two bands of black, called ticking.  The black bands alternate with bands of color which are produced by the rufous polygene.  This genetic combination gives the Aby coat its distinctive iridescent shimmering quality.


You will find Abys mostly in 4 different colors - Ruddy, Cinnamon, Blue and Fawn.  The color distinction is made by variations in the way light is absorbed by the bands of ticking.  When you see black ticking, the color is Ruddy.  Chocolate brown ticking is Cinnamon.  A slate grey color is Blue.  And, a dark buff color is Fawn.  You can easily tell by looking at the tip of the tail.  The very tip of an Aby's tail should be nothing but the color of the ticking.


Aby bodies are firm and muscular.  Although an Aby will be silly at times, they have a regal appearance.  They are cats of strength, beauty and grace.  Their ears are large and flared.  Their eyes are usually gold or copper colored.  Occasionally, you will see an Aby with green eyes.​

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