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Frequently Asked Questions


At what age can I take my kitten home?   Our kittens are usually ready to go between 12 to 16 weeks of age. This allows for socialization and is the best time to make the transition of leaving their mother and litter mates into a new environment.


Will my kitten have a health certificate?   Yes, our kittens generally have a Veterinary check up, a Health Certificate and vaccinations.


Do you place the kitten with a contract?  Yes. The contract’s main purpose is to serve as a spay/neuter agreement, if they are not already altered before going to their new home.   It includes verbiage that the cat will be properly cared for, and will be an indoor pet, and that it will not be declawed!


Can we come and visit?   Yes, arrangements can be made for a mutually convenient time for you to come see kittens, but we do not allow our kittens to have visits until around 8 weeks of age - after they have received their first vaccination.


Is the litter registered?   Yes, our litters are registered with TICA and CFA.


What colors do Abyssinians come in?   The Aby generally comes in four colors. Ruddy, Red (also called Sorrel or Cinnamon), Blue and Fawn.   Ruddy is the dominant color and therefore the most common. Some breeders are now working with Silver, Lavender  and Chocolate colors.


Is this an active cat?   Yes, it is an active breed, very social and outgoing. Very intelligent and aware of its surroundings, the Aby wants to be involved in everything going on in your world!


Is the Aby good with children?   Yes, generally this is the case. The Aby is a gentle, tolerant cat that seems to put up with a lot. They usually form close bonds with the children in a household. We do recommend children be old enough to know how to treat and respect a cat.


What about dogs and/or other cats?    Abys do well with dogs. They usually become the boss very quickly!  We have 2 lovable Golden Retrievers and everyone gets along very well.   Often, you can find the cats head bumping and grooming the dogs.  They are known to live harmoniously with other cats as well. Being a confident cat the Aby works well in most environments.


Which makes the best pet, male or female?    Both make excellent pets.   Neutered males might tend to be a bit mellower.  Spayed females can on occasion be a bit more independent.     This is a generalization and is more often up to the individual cat.


How long do Abys live?    With good care and a safe environment, on an average of 10 to 15 years.


Do they shed?     Yes, all cats shed their coat and the Aby is no different.  It may not be as noticeable because of their short hair.  More shedding seems to occur during Spring and Fall as the length of days changes.   Regular combing can reduce the amount of shed hair.


I’ve heard they may be less allergic?    If you are allergic to cats you may very well be allergic to the Abyssinian.



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