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Abyssinians are lively, alert, fun-loving and have sweet social dispositions.  They are very interactive.  They are happiest when they have company.  They are extremely social and want plenty of love and attention.  They can learn to retrieve and will walk on a leash (use a figure 8 harness - not a collar).  They adore heights; the top of the refrigerator is a favorite spot.  Mostly, they are quite fearless and impulsive.  You will have no trouble finding an Aby owner that will have countless tales to tell about the latest exploits of their beautiful "Aby-SILLY-an".


Abyssinians in general are healthy cats.  They are not afflicted with serious congenital disorders and have a low infant mortality rate.  You will find that most Aby breeders are willing to openly discuss health issues.  For instance, at one time, Abyssinians were accused of having a near monopoly on gum disease.  We now know that gum disease is common in all cats - pure and mixed breeds.  Please feel free to ask breeders about your concerns.


Its easy!  A quick combing daily with a fine-tooth comb will help remove loose hair.  Trim nails regularly.  There is no need to declaw; get a stable high-quality scratching post.  You will find your Aby very intelligent and trainable.  A quality diet and regular checkups by a veterinarian are important.  Do not allow your cat outdoors without supervision.  Keep your cat parasite free

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